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Expediters Wanted - Expedited Driving Jobs Available online now.

We have openings.

You need to fax in your MVR (motor vehicle record) to 260.818-2052.

Be sure to write:
1. Your phone # on it
2. Your email address on it and
3. No unit

Note: When you write no unit on your MVR, it just informs us you don't have your own cargo unit. This way we are able to separate your MVR from others who are sending in MVR's that DO HAVE their own unit. Their procedures are different than yours, so this "no unit" helps us out.

Fax it and call shortly afterwards, 260.515.3403 to discuss the MVR and if it qualifies or not. Please do not stop reading here.Be sure you read this entire page to get well acquainted with this opportunity. Typically, in this driving job,you'll typically average about 8-11 hours a day of driving, M-F. November thru the middle of March is the slow time of the year and these hours could vary. In March all the way through November, this is the normally very busy season and weekends can get more hours as well as during the week and your wages can increase.

You get your MVR from where you would renew your drivers licence at (Bureau of Motor Vehicles / Secretary of State). It will cost about $8.00 and you'll need 2 ID's to get it. A drivers licence and a utility bill with your name and address on it is fine.

Next, you'll need to have or obtain a cell phone with nationwide coverage and voice mail. Be sure to get a cigarette lighter power adapter to keep it charged up as well.

Next, you'll have to have some form of GPS navigation (a Garmin or Tom Tom). A Garmin is best. Get these from Wal Mart, Target, Office Depot, Best Buy etc..

Required Operating Funds You Must Have: We highly recommend you have a minimum of $800.00 - $1500.00. You will need this money for food, showers, snacks, cigarettes and fuel. Keep in mind, you will be reimbursed for the fuel used on each load. (16%). The reason why you need this operating money is because Paydays are every other Friday and you will only be issued a cargo unit with it's freight harness equipment. We will not give you cash or credit cards to cover the fuel on the loads but you will be reimbursed for same. (16% of load). Therefore, you will need money in the recommended amounts to last you until your first payday. Again, cash and/or credit cards are not issued due to past drivers abusing operating money for personal consumption.

You will be paid direct deposit for wages and fuel reimbursement, but the direct deposit takes 5-10 business days to set up, hence the need for you to have sufficient operating capital until your daily fuel advances can kick in.

Vehicle Exchange. Next, you can drive to our facility and exchange your personal vehicle / car for our cargo unit. We will put your personal exchange unit in storage while you have custody and control of our unit). In the event you are nearby home one day and go home for the weekend or whatever, you may use your issued cargo unit for
personal transportation, this is fine. This will prevent the need to keep swapping out units. You are allowed personal travel with the cargo unit but it does have limits. We exchange units as a precautionary measure to assure our unit is returned upon demand
should you not be retained as a driver or self terminate if you are unhappy with the position. We have added this exchange as a "policy". This is a result of once, long ago, a driver met a female in St. Cloud Florida and shacked up with her which is fine, but,
when he quit, he refused to return the unit to our office citing "he had no way to get back to Florida" so this is what he did and left the cargo unit parked with the keys in it and the fleet owner had to send 2 drivers down to recover it and return it. Since then, we have simply adopted this policy to avoid this from happening again. Again, personal miles are limited. Granted your paying for the fuel but the odometer, as it accumulates miles, causes the unit to depreciate and this affects the fleet owner. This method also
assures limited waste which is better for you and the fleet owner.

That's all there is to it.

You'll be paid 35% of the load regardless of the size of the unit. For more information on what your wages will be, please contact recruiting. This question is best answered by one of our friendly recruiters, as this depends on many factors.

Next, as long as you know you can pass a **drug test, your hired.

So what are you waiting for, we need more *OTR drivers, contact us asap.

After we have your MVR and you have the 2 way radio and navigation, your ready to start. We do have openings and you could, start as quickly as tomorrow or the next day depending on orientation schedules (not including weekends). Once you have the GPS, cell phone and the drug test processing is complete, we can schedule you to start. You'll drive to Ft. Wayne after we schedule your start date, you'll attend an orientation (sort of a training session / acclimation session) and this takes about 4 to 5 hours, then you'll take the drug test and go into service. This is normally the same afternoon (unless) your tired and want to wait until the next morning to start (go into service).

Vehicle Insurance: You'll either be added to the Fleet Owner's existing policy, or you will have to procure a policy on your own. What will determine which one will take place will be based on the condition on your past driving history. 1) You'll be added to the fleet owners policy, if you have a clean MVR. 2) If you have any points or citations in the last 36 months, you will be required to get your own insurance policy on the fleet owners unit. If this happens, in your case, we will give you the VIN # and the fleet owner's insurance companies phone number to acquire the policy in your name. A deposit is normally required in this example. The fleet owner will reimburse you for the normal amount they would have paid on your policy. Any increase in premium will be paid by you ~ not the fleet owner, as they shouldn't absorb an increase due to the condition of your MVR.

* OTR - Over the Road.

**Drug Tests Processing, Click here


Having your own expedited / Urgent Freight business is a great goal..

We sell used road ready expediters!

Cash or your own financing required

Having your own expedited / Urgent Freight business is a great goal..

We sell used road ready expediters to qualified buyers!

Email: David@AllTypesExpediting.com or call our recruiters for assistance.