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Drug Test processing and orientation, are wrapped into one package.
Both come with a cost to you but most all of this can be refunded
AFTER you have successfully passed your 90 day probation period.

What is an orientation? We have recruiting coordinate your orientation. At orientation, we have you fill out your D.O.T. application, compile important information to coordinate your payroll direct deposits, prepare for background checks and other legal formalities and get you up to speed with our methods and procedures. It's a combination of preparation, training and how things are done. You'll learn how to respond to situations, role playing, open discussion on the overall job, meet staff, dispatchers, the driver liaison and payroll personnel. All of this takes time and costs us money.

** Drug Test "processing" as well as the actual "drug test", the administrative cost of your orientation and your training. You are eligible to receive $150.00 back on your third payroll check (payday is every other week). The difference of the $45.00, you can write off on your taxes but this will not be returned to you (the drug test facility will not refund this cost).

PAYING THE $195.00: You'll need to send a CASHIERS CHECK to us in advance of your orientation asap. The sooner you have GPS, a 2 way and your cashiers check is submitted, the sooner we can start you. DO NOT perform these efforts unless you know you can pass a drug test. Contact recruiting to find out where to submit the cashiers check.

Call 260.483.1800 x 105. Cashiers checks are guaranteed funds, if you send in a personal check it will need to clear the bank and this takes 7-10 business - days and only delays things. Same for a money order. Cashiers checks are good, the moment we receive them with no strings attached.

PAYROLL: As indicated above, payroll is every other Friday. You may elect for payroll advances. Payroll is direct deposited right into your checking or savings account. If you have a debit card, it can be inserted there. The choices are yours.

ADVANCES: You have an option of 40% advances (with a fee) or 16% fuel advances (16% of load) as often as daily if you need assistance in keeping the unit running WITH NO FEE. We will help on this issue. Advances cannot begin until after you have completed your 10th load. It takes us a few days of processing to complete the process of adding you to our payroll and getting your payroll all set up. This is the
reason for this delay.

ADVANCES: There is a fee for the 40% advances by the factoring company and these are passed on to you. If you elect to get advances of the 16%, we the carrier will take this out of our cash flow to help you keep your unit running if start up funds are slim.

DRIVER LIAISON: Our Liaison will assist you with any issues or problems you may ever encounter, personally or involving your business operation. He is the "go between" for you with any issues you may have. This is a resource that is very beneficial to you.